The Glumpers are a group of friends with totally stereotyped and conflicting personalities who live, or at least try, in a beautiful house outside Glumperona.

They look like humans but they have no nose, no ears, no fingers, no feet or sex, their eyes have no white and each one of them is from a single color, they are always perfectly depilated, they buy bred naked and are cuddly because they have no bones.

The Glumpers don't need to understand human speech, they only emit guttural sounds, laughs and cries with those who are able to recite the most beautiful of the poems.

The adventures, filled with comedy gag slapsticks, put us in a everyday world where simple things can be twisted by Glumping influence and they can become a worldwide catastrophe.

He is the essence of laziness. if sleeping becomes an Olympic event, Fubble will be a world class athlete. He hates any kind of physic exercise, excepting jaw movement, as eating is his other big passion.

Extremely agitated, he does everythig too much Quigly, so, almost always, he tends to put his foot in it. Medical research is his body reveals that his heart beats 678 times per minute.

He is the gang's pet: playful and tireless. You can throw away a stick 400 times, and he'll bring it back to you 401 (you'll always get tired before). Submissive and good-natured, he's always in the mood for playing...

Fool, unconscious, irresponsible, incompetent... the list of negative adjectives would be never-ending and impossible to exceed by any other living being (maybe excepting some member of the political class). Futhermore, he is forgetful and absentminded.

If Dudd's I.Q. is several miles below the line, his brother Booker's is prodigious. He is highly gifted. Some kind of an "Einstein", but bald, with glasses and with no nose neither ears to hold them.

In the middle of all the collective chaos that rules the Glumpers atmophere, Gobo is the only one who tries to make the common sense come up. He seems to be the glue that holds the whole gang together, though he is a misunderstood leader, due to the incompetence of his fellows.