Glumpers reach Latin America with Televisa Networks

Televisa Networks, a subsidiary of Group Televisa, leader in Latin America, has signed an important deal with Glumpers cartoon series to be broadcast soon in one of their channels and reach all Latin American countries.


Glumpers at Pebble TV

Glumpers will be aired at Pebble TV this next Sunday April 15th!
Will be available from Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg by IPTV


Glumpers in Slovenia!

Dear Glumperian friends, we want to inform you that our funny and cool characters of the Glumpers have landed in Slovenia last 2nd of September, and they will be daily aired, from Monday to Friday at noon (12pm) and 8pm on channel POP OTO from Pro Plus. Prepare your home for the arrival of the Glumpers, they will certainly make you spend many good times!


Glumpers in NRK Super - Norwegian public television!

Our funny and charismatic characters can now be watched on NRK Super Channel, the public television of Norway. Every afternoon from Monday to Friday, from 27th of June until the 19th of August, at around 6.45 pm., Norwegian children will now be able to laugh and enjoy with the Glumpers and we hope that soon they will occupy a prominent place in the Norwegians homes and hearts. We hope that Glumpers invade Norway with fun and lots of laughs!


Glumpers are going to be on TV!!

Dear friends, Glumpers are going to be on TV! Starting today, you will find our friends every Saturday and Sunday at 6pm, on Club Super 3 channel, available in Catalonia (Spain), you have to watch them!

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